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Courses we offer in SVASAM GROUP

A call for all young generation to participate in our global digital revolution




This training consists of Technical and marketing training with job guarantee all over India. In future abroad opportunities will also be given for proven talented personalities.

We need well disciplined dynamic personalities to build the future for every business.



B.E. B.TECH, MCA, M.TECH, M.Sc., or any other graduates with MBA Fresher’s who are dynamic and passionate in learning technology and marketing shall apply.

Training Fees Structure and Duration:

Course Title



Training Duration


45 Days

Training Cost


1, 00,000/- + Service Tax Applicable.

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You Have Any Doubts?

 What are the basic studies for this SGBC Certified training course?

Fresh Graduates of B.E. M.E, B.TECH, BCA, B.SC IT, M.SC COMPUTER SCIENCE, M.SC IT, with MBA and any arts graduates who have much online knowledge interested in learning and to work in the market shall all apply.

 I am from a Village, Shall I join this training course?

Yes. Fresh Graduates from any village or town with greater discipline, respect and interest shall join this training course and get job opportunity after this certified training.

 Do I need to come to Chennai and stay for this training course?

Yes. You have to come to Chennai and need to stay and learn. After training and certification you shall work anywhere in India that includes your native village or town.

 Apart from educational qualification what are the other qualifications you need?

We need well disciplined personalities with good life style, healthy, cultured with a better accent to go forward with any task to win and to empower businesses all over India.

 Why the SGBC INDIA Certified Professional course is unique and its details?

This SGBC INDIA certified professional course is 100% unique because this is the only company in the world that gives opportunity to stay with your family and shall work within your district. Also, if you need to work in any part of India you will be provided with that opportunity if you could be able to manage the language of that region where you need the opportunity. In near future, we are expanding our business to global market. So, if you are fit in communication, technology and marketing skills to train our franchisee in other countries, you will be getting the chance in various countries.

 Why we need to pay Training fees for SGBC CERTIFIED Professional Training course?

We have developed a unique system using latest technologies to bring any business or stores or any services and many things online in minutes. For that, we have formed a wallet system to pay money in virtual and get money from customers immediate. So a complete training for 30 days will be needed and regular updates are needed in long term. For this training we need to depute our skilled trainers for technical as well as for marketing and motivational training. For all this need, a training fee of Rs.1 Lakh + Tax is collected from the candidates and proper receipts will be given to the them legally.